Homework and Practice - Chapter 10

This chapter offers recommendations on how to make the classwork -to- homework connection.

Generalizations Recommendations
1. Amount of homework given should be based on grade level 1. Establish/communicate homework policy
2. Students should know why the homework is assigned 2. Assignments should be clear about purpose and outcome
3. If assigned, comment on it when collected 3. Vary approaches to feedback
4. Mastery comes from practice 4. Students can chart speed and accuracy
5. With practice, students should adapt and shape what they've 5. Design practice assignments based on specific elements of a
learned complex skill or process

  • Word Processing Applications
    • Tools>Research (Encarta dictionary and Encyclopedia, thesaurus, eLibrary, etc.) - provides a more focused search
  • Spreadsheet Software
    • Use to data to master concepts and skills (calculating, manipulating, displaying data) to gain a deeper understanding
  • Multimedia
    • Requires a high degree of technoogy accessibility - when available, allows students an opportunity to shape the homework experience to their individual learning style and increase their level of understanding to mastery
    • Teacher software can be chosen to meet specific learning objectives to provide immediate feedback
    • Presents bi-fold learning: learn from based on educational games and interactive simulations; learn with by creating their own projects at home or school
  • Web Resources (see pp. 196-198 for a more complete list)
  • Communication Software