Reinforcing Effort Chapter 8

"success comes in cans, failure in can'ts"


  • People generally attribute at any given task to one of four causes: ability, effort, other people, and luck.
  • Not all students realize the importance of believing in effort.
  • Students can learn to change their beliefs to an emphasis on effort

Classroom use:

  • Teach and exemplify the connection between effort and achievement.
  • Periodically keep track of students effort and its relationship to achievement.

Technology resources:

  • Find or create a rubric that gives students a clear idea of what effort looks like.
  • Go over the rubric with students so they understand how to use it.


  • To reinforce effort and reassure students that they too can succeed if they keep trying put stories from students on your website on what it takes to succeed. This is more relevant to students than information about a hero or athlete.

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