Summarizing and Note Taking

What does the research say?

  • Be selective in choosing information: teach students to be ready to delete, substitute, or keep information based on necessity.
  • Students have to be able to analyze content for themselves on a deep level
  • Awareness of Structure: students must be aware in order to understand the content (higher level thinking!!)
Note Taking:
  • Not Verbatim: students should not write down every word a teacher says
  • Always a work in progress - students should add to notes after instruction has taken place
  • Study for tests
  • The more the better!

How does it look in the classroom?

Note Taking:
  • Give students teacher-prepared notes
  • Teach students a variety of note-taking formats
  • Use combination notes

What are the connections to technology?

Word Processing Applications (Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Open Office)
  • Track Changes in Word or Google Docs (Summarizing)
  • Auto-Summarize in Word
  • Create graphic organizers (Note Taking)
Organizing and Brainstorming Software
  • Inspiration
  • PowerPoint or Google Presentations
  • Use as much as possible! (PowerPoint, VoiceThread)

Web/Suggested Resources

NoteStar (
Google Docs (
ThinkFree (
Cornell Notes (
Wikis (,,
Blogs (,,
Twitter (great tool for summarizing and communication)
More note taking resources: (