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The purpose of this wiki will be to help you choose technology applications that go hand in hand with Robert Marzano's research-based classroom instructional practices. You do not need to have read Marzano's book, Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (2001), but it might help you to better understand the strategies themselves, and especially the research behind them.

If you are interested in finding more about the strategies and ordering the book, you can do that at the ASCD site. Also note that many of the resources cited here are from another book titled Using Technology WIth Classroom Instruction That Works (Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn, Malenoski; 2007), which can be found at the same site.

There are nine intructional strategies which Robert Marzano has researched for decades and has found have a high probability of positively impact student learning and achievement. When effectively used with fidelity in the classroom, the outcomes will be measurable, as illustrated in the chart below*...the higher the percentile gain, the more impactful! You can learn about each strategy and the technology connections for each by clicking on the strategy to the left.

Have fun and happy Marzano-ing!!!

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  • borrowed from Sherri Miller, Gloucester County Public Schools